Starter Level I – The Attorney Book Package

Quick Description

Plain and simple, the goal of the book package is to expand your authority, give you credibility, and attract stronger, better leads–people who value your work and your time, and are willing to pay the fees you set.  

Why Do You Need This

Why would you want to shout your message to people who don’t care? Or would be terrible clients?  Don’t throw your pearls to swine, friend. A great book or a consumer guide will woo people who are interested in what you’re offering out of the great, big crowd of cheapskates, complainers, and do-nothings. 

Juicy Details

A book or consumer guide is also called a lead magnet. Like a magnet, it attracts qualified prospects–people who need a lawyer, or know someone who needs a lawyer. 

A strong lead magnet also sets the tone for your law firm and communicates your core message to the world.

We also call this “branding.”

A brand is more than how you look, it is what you communicate to the outside world.

It’s your chance to make a memorable first impression to people who may not know you, but are your ideal clients.

This is accomplished by what you say, how you say it, and how you deliver the message.

Here’s the thing, as a living, breathing, employed and contributing member of society, you have a message and a story to tell people. It’s your contribution to the world, to your community. God didn’t give you talents so you can put them in a box and feel happy about it. You gotta sow it so it multiplies and fulfills the purpose for which it was given to you.

The book package will help you think through what your message is vs. what it should be, how to capture that message, present it in a stunning book, report, paper, magazine, or other publication., and get your message out to the world.

 What You Get
  • A compelling topic and attention-grabbing title to pique your target market’s interest and get them to contact you. We’ll help you brainstorm topic ideas and create terrific title. 
  • Custom cover design: your book cover should not only maintain your brand and look polished and professional, it should sell the book! 
  • Professional interior layout to that helps the reader quickly and easily absorb the information and recognize you as the leading expert. 
  • A postcard campaign or print ad to advertise your book, and use again and again in different publications. Includes ideas for concept, copywriting and design. 
  • Help with executing your marketing campaign, figuring out your list, printing, postage, schedule, and more. 

Package Cost: 
If you haven’t published a book yet, or are ready to publish your next book, contact us using the form below to set up a 30-minute phone meeting to see if we’re the right fit for you. We’ll review your needs, answer any questions, and determine if we can help you. We can customize any package, but you’ll need a budget of at least $1500 to start. 

Optional Add-Ons
  • Landing Page – In order for your book to function properly as a lead magnet, you need a place for your prospects to “land” after they see your ads so they can give you their info. Most people have a web site company who will help them build this landing page. But it’s usually a basic landing page. What we design for you has consistent graphics and branding, and compelling copy that prevents them from abandoning the page.   
  • Email campaign – You need to let the world know about your book. The postcard or print ad that is included in the package does that. But you can also email your book offer to your list. We’ll create a 5-part email campaign, including copywriting and layout, to help you get your book into people’s hands.
  • Logo Package – If you’re just starting your law firm, or are looking to update your logo to go with this foundational marketing package, now would be a good time to do it. You can view our logo gallery to get an idea of our design style. Your finalized custom logo is delivered in multiple file formats, and comes with a complimentary business card design. 


Friendly, Kind, Patient
“The Morris James Personal Injury Group attorneys have been working with Kia for several years. Kia designed our Personal Injury book written by our attorneys. Her expertise brought so many wonderful elements to the book. Not only is Kia a great designer, she’s also very friendly and kind, great to work with…and patient! The Morris James PI Group highly recommends Kia and Zine!” Cathy Rossi, Morris James Personal Injury Group


“I Won’t Give Up My Relationship With Kia”
For me, the bottom line is this that I may move in and out of different marketing campaigns, different ideas, different projects.  However what I won’t do is give up my relationship with Kia and her design and marketing company.  For me Kia is simply like having another person in the office. Although we are thousands of miles apart from the East Coast to the Midwest, I literally feel like she is in an office right down the hall from me and can accomplish anything at any time when I need her and her team.  I can’t tell you how valuable she is to me I would highly, highly, highly recommend Kia and her team she is without a doubt the absolute best at what she does. My book would never have happened without her amazing support. She is the best at what she does and more importantly she is an amazing person and friend. Thank you!” Stephen Hamilton – Attorney, Hamilton, Hull, & Rogers, LLC


“Delivered Tons of Clients”
“Kia and her team helped us create and implement a new book campaign. They ghost wrote the book for us and devised a strategy for getting it to prospects. They also designed print and online ads that have delivered tons of clients. We love Kia. She just “gets it”. She’s so easy to work with and creates solutions to your problems.” Catherine Crosbie, Marketing Director, Ches Crosbie Barristers


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