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A special offer to help you clean up your act and look like the successful professional you know you are…


While supplies last!






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A Gift for You

We’ll send you a sleek, German-designed, stainless steel business card holder to carry around your new, badass business cards in.

Choose from one of two styles. 

While supplies last!! 



How much money is your image worth?

The value of this deal is $800.

With this month’s special, it’s yours for $525. 

Ready? Call us at 703-591-4000, or fill out the form at the bottom of the page.


P.S. Your image is priceless. Investing in it should be an easy decision.

We have an endless supply of business card designs. But we don’t have an endless supply of the cool business card holders. So hurry if you want the gift. 

Offer expires on March 31, 2017


“It ain’t braggin’ if you can back it up.” Dizzy Dean


“She Often Has Unusual Angles”
“I have been working with Kia at Zine Graphics & Print for about 6 years now and figured I should finally give them credit for our marketing success. The first time we turned to them was for some unique business cards and they delivered. They created cards for our staff that really got attention. So naturally I turned to them with a larger project. I came to them to create graphics for our print media. Time and time again, Kia comes to us with fresh innovative design that really surprise me. I was timid at first with her suggestions as she often has unusual angles, but the responses we receive exceeded expectations each time. The latest project I had them do was a series of custom graphics for our website. This was complex as the graphics had to be designed from scratch, be relative to the topic of each page, and address our target audiences. This project was handled by Kia and Kim. Once again I was floored. Thank You Guys!!! The projects will keep coming.” Robert Gelles – Business Owner, NV Service Group

“Highly Recommended”
“I have been using Zine Graphics for years now to produce business cards and newsletters for my law firms. Their quality and consistency are excellent! On top of that, they are nice people to work with. Highly recommended!” Michael Saile, Saile & Saile, LLC

“Best Of Both Worlds”
“It seems like most designers I meet are either good at design OR good at understanding business, but rarely both. I either get stuff that is pretty and not functional or functional and not pretty. Both are equally bad as far as I am concerned. Kia understands both. She knows business. She understands project management. She understands the big picture. She knows how to properly conduct marketing research. AND – I LOVE her designs. Every business owner should aspire to reach a place where they can afford to work with Kia as much as they can.” Tim VanDerKamp – Entrepreneur, Copywriter, Small Business Consultant, Motivational Speaker, Sales Trainer, The Crossroads Guide




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