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If you’re still not sure about joining the Elite Client Program, consider how Attorney Stephen Hamilton describes the benefits he has received: 

My Attorney Stephen Hamiltonname is Stephen Hamilton and I’m a criminal defense attorney in Texas.  Over the last 3 years we have expanded from one office in West Texas to five active offices with additional plans for three more offices in the next 36 months.  I’ve been a practicing lawyer for almost 18 years and I’ve done lots of marketing. 

It is difficult for me to try to put into words the true value of Kia and her team in regards to her graphic design program as well as business mentorship.


I have done many marketing advertisements over the past 18 years….

In regards to design work, I’ve used many designers and without a doubt Kia is at the top of the game when it comes to graphic designs.  However, her value is much, much higher than just designing the graphics for an ad or a marketing campaign. 

When I first met Kia I was in a marketing group several years ago.  I knew that she did some marketing for various members of this group and I spent some time visiting with her about options for my practice. 

One of the things that Kia developed was a platinum type program for individuals who wanted more than just a one and done design team.  That appealed to me because I wanted someone to take over all of the graphics, advertising, marketing that we were doing and also be able to brainstorm with them about future ideas. 

With Kia, I hit it out of the ballpark.  Every Monday Kia and I visit on the phone for any place between 30 minutes to an hour.  We go over what we’re working on, what ideas were moving forward on and what projects we want to put on the horizon or take off the list. 

The benefits are many…

One of the real benefits of Kia is her relationships that she has with other professionals so I’m able to brainstorm with her about ideas that I might not think about being in West Texas. 

The other true benefit is knowing when I am working on an idea that might not actually be the best idea. Kia is very good at allowing me to brainstorm and develop ideas and then giving me true feedback of “Is this really beneficial to your marketing plan or to your firm?” 

I like that because there are times where I will come up with an idea or a plan or I will see something and I will think this is really going to work in my market but by the time we work it through and vent it we decide collectively this is not something that we want to move forward on.

When I met Kia I had completed one book for consumers or clients.  I now have a total of nine books either published or almost ready to publish. 

We have two more books in the process that will probably be released by the end of 2016.  I believe by the end of 2016 we will either have 10 or 11 books available to our potential clients. 

Kia does not only do the graphic design for the books but she does a lot of the editing and the layout and she creates these amazing marketing campaigns to be able to get the quality of the work out to individuals.

My relationship with Kia is something that I will for the foreseeable future always keep. 

I like the fact that I have almost instant access to her not only do we meet almost every week in a conference call but when I need something she and her team are available. 

I can’t tell you the amount of times where we’ve needed a new graphic because we’re doing a digital marketing campaign and we need to put it out on our digital billboard truck that we use and I literally email Kia in the morning and I have a proof or a file back noon. 

You simply can’t find that type of help down on the corner or on one of these internet provider graphic artists.  You certainly can find someone who will do it cheaper.  But just like in the practice of law and as my dad used to tell me son cheaper ain’t better. 

With Kia the quality of work is the best that I’ve ever been involved with from any graphic person or company.

Even when it’s not in Kia’s “wheelhouse”, I rely on her advice and expertise to help me accomplish designs and campaigns with other marketers. 

For example we are working on a bus wrap to showcase our expertise with university students who may get in trouble with the university.  One of the books that we have written is a book that is focused on this topic.  We decided that one of the ways to communicate this with the student besides simply offering our book is to put it into a bus wrap that will transition all the bus stops at the university. 

Although Kia doesn’t do “bus wraps” I rely on her to help develop the concept and the marketing campaign and the graphics and then I will take those graphics to the actual bus company who can then put them into the actual bus wrap. 

However, when I started that project by reaching out to the bus company the ideas and the quality of work that we received back was certainly no place near what I am use to with Kia and so even though Kia doesn’t do bus wraps I reached out to her explained the situation and she jumped in with two feet and again is knocking the design concept out of the park.

The Bottom Line

I may move in and out of different marketing campaigns, different ideas, different projects.  However what I won’t do is give up my relationship with Kia and her design company. 

For me Kia is simply like having another person in the office and although we are thousands of miles apart from the East Coast to the Midwest I literally feel like she’s in an office right down the hall from me and can accomplish anything at any time that I need her and her team to do. 

I can’t tell you how valuable she is to me I would highly, highly, highly recommend Kia and her team she is without a doubt the absolute best at what she does. 

Please feel free to contact me personally if you have any questions or you need any reference material or if you wish to have any discussions about how truly amazing Kia is in the worth that she does and can do for you.


Stephen Hamilton

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