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What do we have in common with Harry Potter?

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Why Does Design Matter? Because People Judge Books By Their Covers. Always.

Scent Marketing – The Future of Advertising

EDDM – Every Door Direct Mail®. What in the world is it, and do I need it in my life?

Books we’re reading:

100 Things Every Designer Needs To Know About People (by Susan Weinschenk) An easy to read reference to help understand how design influences people.

No B.S. Price Strategy (by Dan Kennedy and Jason Marrs) We have this in the break room and read it during lunch breaks. Yes, we’re THAT dedicated to learning about what makes businesses successful.

No B.S. Wealth Attraction for Entrepreneurs (by Dan Kennedy) Clearly, we like all his No. B.S. books. Except when I had to explain to my 7 -year-old this morning what B.S. means, and why there is a picture on the cover of a bull pooping. Thanks, Dan.

Six Ways To Keep the Little In Your Girl (by Dana Gresh) I understand the power of marketing and the influence it has on people, that’s why I want to teach my 7-year-old how to not sell her soul to this culture. If you have a 6-10 year old girl, you need to get this book. By the time she’s 11, it’s too late.

Shepherding a Child’s Heart (by Ted Tripp) Because our kids didn’t come with instruction manuals. This is an intense book and taking me a while to get through it.

Zine Graphics & Web is now Zine Graphics & Print!

Yes, it’s seems like a minor change, but for us, it is significant.

We’ve decided to focus on what we do best and do it even better: graphic design, print marketing, and printing.

This doesn’t mean that we don’t think having a website is important. We think it’s critically important, which is why we stopped doing them and have left the job to the pro’s dedicated to building websites.

So, we’re still the same professional graphic design, marketing service, and print providers you’ve always known and loved. We’re just focusing our creative energy more, and decided to finally update our ridiculously old website with this quick and easy website.

A bigger, better, grander website is on it’s way. Meanwhile, please peruse our product and service catalog to see what kinds of things we can do for your business.

Colors that are inspiring us this month:

This is Foster Web Marketing’s updated color palette. We’re re-creating so much of marketing materials this month, that we’re starting to dream in these colors. Great colors for a tech business.

Inspiring Colors

Ben Glass Law color palette. Not the typical, predictable law firm colors. A classic combination with character and just the right level of bold and subtle. Love it.



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Attorney and Small Law Firm Marketing

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