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Let’s face it, when you decided to start your own business, you weren’t signing up to become some superstar marketer. You wanted to use your skills and talents to help people and be able to provide a happy, successful life for yourself and your family. Is that too much to ask??

No. No, it’s not.

Because no matter how deeply and selflessly you desire to help people, we need money and we need to be profitable so we can continue to do the work we do.

So whether we like it or not, our businesses depend on good marketing and advertising to make the kind of money that allow us to live the life we want.

Unfortunately, the marketing world is so freaking overcrowded and overloaded, it sometimes feels downright oppressive when you want to do something positive to grow your business.

I totally get it.

And I’m not going to tell you I have an easy 3-step formula to 10X your business, or that you have to buy the latest shiny tool to magically get more sales.

The truth is, if you’re feeling overwhelmed, stuck, or frustrated, what you need to do is shake it off (sometimes all it takes is a deep breath), make a plan (even an imperfect one), and take a step forward. That’s how things get done.

No one said running a business would be easy. 

But, the fact that you’re on this page is proof you have what it takes. 

The problem is many business owners think they have to have it all figured out before they move forward.  

I’ve been helping businesses across the country and Canada implement successful marketing for many years, and believe me, they do NOT have it all figured out. 

They take the plunge using the information and resources they have NOW, and make corrections later. 

Unfortunately, there is one problem that I see all the time.

Business owners and entrepreneurs having “marketing moments.” They take action on a single marketing piece, but neglect the “before” and “after” strategies and tactics that make the marketing effort stick and get results.

But good marketing needs a holistic, long-term approach. Not moments of short-lived glory. Our packages encompass this approach and help you create a start-to-finish marketing campaign that gets results.

There is second problem…

It is often a challenge to see your own marketing with the right perspective, objectively.

It doesn’t matter whether you are an attorney, a butcher, a baker or a candlestick maker. Business owners are often too close to their businesses to accurately see the big picture, or determine if their marketing message even makes sense. 

Are they saying what their prospects want to hear? Or are they like the annoying dinner guest who just keeps babbling on, completely unaware that nobody is listening or interested in what he’s saying. 

When you have “marketing moments” you fail to create a cohesive plan that integrates your message, the various media you use (ads, postcards, newsletter, online marketing), your sales process, and your follow-up process.  

They somehow get all tangled up in the details, get overwhelmed, and abandon the whole thing. 

When you implement our marketing packages, you are acquiring an asset that generates leads and sales, and is repeatable. In other words, you create it once, and use it over and over again. Or you duplicate it with slight modifications to use for other campaigns.

Once you have a marketing arsenal, you are less likely to have “marketing moments” and more likely to keep your marketing systems in place for continual business growth and success. 



Starter Level I – The Book Package

Don’t let the name fool you…this package isn’t for beginners, it’s a place to start. In fact, it’s the best place to start if you have a product or service to sell…

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Starter Level II – The Direct Mail and Email Package

If you’re selling hamburgers, you don’t need better hamburger-making machines, you need a crowd of hungry people. This package attracts the crowds of hungry people to your doorstep… 


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Premier Level I: The Epic Newsletter Package

This is our favorite, freakin’ package (just don’t tell the others). The way we do newsletters is not for everyone. That’s why those who do it enter the “Premier” status… 


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Premier Level II: The Sales Letter Package

It amazes us that people have great stuff to sell, but they don’t bother to tell people about it. I mean really tell people about it so they raise their hand and say, “Oh man, I need that!” That’s what this package does…


Read more…


Advanced Level I: Membership (Continuity) Program

Quick Description

If you’ve figured out how to leverage your current client list by moving them into continuity programs (such as VIP programs, memberships and subscriptions for coaching, consulting, newsletters, etc) then you’ve probably given some thought to how to market it. This package is what you were hoping for but didn’t know really existed… 

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These packages are designed with the belief that good marketing isn’t fancy, shiny, latest tips and tricks tactics. It’s basic, non-sexy, pedal-to-the-metal strategies that have worked for thousands of businesses before you, and continue to work for many others who aren’t looking to make money for nothing and chicks for free. It’s a no-nonsense, get shyd done, so you can go spend time with your family approach. 

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