Mother’s Day Special

Let us create a stunning testimonial booklet for you, and we’ll give you 100 full-color prints FREE!
A $350 value!

Send one to your momma and make her proud.

When people decide to hire you, you may think it’s because of your education, or your advertising, or even the great results you’ve gotten for others.

Your clients may even think that is the true reason. In reality, they’re mostly rationalizing a decision they’ve already made based on how they feel about you.

People’s decision to hire you stems from a variety of reasons, and much of it has nothing to do with how good of an attorney you are.

They hire you because what you’re offering taps into an emotional need.

They hire you because they like the personality behind your law firm.

Or they hire you because experts tell them to, and they have credibility and authority.

Client testimonials tap into all of these buying behaviors. When used in your marketing, they add a powerful punch because they’re coming from an outside, presumably unbiased, source.

Testimonials are worth their weight in gold.  Use them often and everywhere!

With the testimonials you’ve collected, we can create a booklet for you that can be used in a variety of ways in your marketing. 

We create a compelling cover, and organize the testimonials with headings and easy-to-read content.

A nicely formatted, visually appealing booklet will remind your clients why they should hire you and encourage them to stay with you to receive the benefits that your raving fans are getting.

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