Premier Level I – The Client Engagement Newsletter Package


Here at Zine, we believe your newsletter can do SO much for your business. But…

…are your readers even reading it? In other words, is it doing what it is supposed to: get you new clients by keeping you top-of-mind if and when your reader needs services you provide?

How can you make sure your readers are reading it?

By making it more interesting than a collection of generic articles and ho-hum design.

Our newsletter package is designed to not just get in front of your subscribers on a consistent basis, but to engage them, be interesting to them, and make a stronger connection with them.

And, we’ve figured out how to make it easy to get it out on a consistent basis.

How have we done that? Read on…

Quick Description

A consistent and effective newsletter program will keep you tightly connected with your most valuable asset: your list of current and past clients, associates, friends, and colleagues.

A good newsletter will not only keep you top-of-mind to your list so you are the person they call when they or someone they know needs services you provide, but it will establish you as a trustworthy, smart, and likeable person who they want to do business with.

Why You Need This

Every business owner should have a bare minimum list of past and current clients. Or you may have a growing list of prospects that you’ve collected with your lead generation marketing. Either way, you need to keep them interested and paying attention.

We know it can be a challenge to get a newsletter out every month for a variety of reasons. That’s why we’ve created a program that gets a “touch” out consistently while keeping things fresh, making your readers look forward to hearing from you. 

Juicy Details

People do business with people they know, like, and trust. The only way they will get to know, like, and trust you is if you continue to engage them through regular marketing.

The trick is that you have to stay fascinating to them and connect with them on a human level, not just a business level.

You can do this with canned, vanilla messages, or by being yourself in your marketing.

The team at Zine can create and distribute stunning marketing (such as a gorgeous newsletter, postcard, or other fun engagements), and will challenge you with our creativity to rise above typical lawyer advertising and infuse personality and style into every piece of marketing.

This will reinforce your client relationships and build a loyal, trusting, raving herd of clients and followers.

What You Get
  • Consistent and reliable “touch” with and nurture of your most valuable asset: your list of current and past clients, colleagues, and referral sources. We plan for a minimum of 7 issues of a 4-page newsletter which includes a beautiful custom design and professional layout.
  • Special mailings in between newsletters to give you a break from content creation: 3 interesting, informative, or fun postcards (includes our creative ideas, copywriting and design)
  • Special promotional mailings for “lead” or “sales” generation. 2 holiday promotions  (includes more creative ideas, copywriting and design)
  • Email version of your newsletter to send to your email list. You get a PDF of your newsletter with a promotional image and fun, teaser headlines to include in the email body. Highly formatted, graphical email newsletters with lots of content are often seen as spammy and deleted. Instead, we entice them to open the electronic version of your beautiful print version. 
  • Help with executing each campaign, figuring out your list, printing, postage, schedule, and more. 

Package Cost: $590/mo for 12 months. (Printing and mailing costs extra)




Received a Great Deal of Referrals Because of the Newsletter
“We recently contacted the Zine group to redesign and relaunch our newsletter program. Kia and her team were extremely helpful and responsive. We sent them a few articles and a few images, and within three days, we received a newsletter with a layout and design that exceeded our expectations  We are extremely pleased with the response and feedback that we have received from our clients and other newsletter recipients, and best of all, we have received a great deal of referrals because of the newsletter.  Based upon the new business that the newsletters generate, they more than pay for themselves. If you don’t have a newsletter program, contact Zine and get one going. You won’t be sorry.” Ron Marks, Bulldog Bulletin Editor, Shor & Levin, P.C.

Continuously Impressed
Is your newsletter boring? Made using Microsoft Word? Does it make people yawn? You need to stop what you’re doing and consult Kia and her team immediately. Our firm has been using Kia’s newsletter services for nearly a decade and are continuously impressed. We have thought we could take it on ourselves, or have a third party handle the printing, production, and mailing part. Every time we thought we were gaming the system, we were making time-consuming and costly mistakes. The solution was staring us in the face all along.  Just use Kia for all of it. Time and time again, Zine has helped us improve our newsletter. From helping us mail a visually cohesive and attractive newsletter to ensuring our message is clear, Zine is the perfect solution.” Brian Beckcom, VB Attorneys

I Have Never Worked With A Design Group So Responsive, Professional, Helpful and Just Plain Nice
“You help me every single month by laying out our newsletter – which doing without you would be a problem for me because I don’t have that artistic vision or skill. The first proof you send back always looks great! In addition, despite my best efforts, I always seem to catch a typo or two – OF MY OWN – when reviewing a proof you’ve created based on the content I provided. When I ask you to go in and correct my error(s), you do it for me without any hassle. Many Thanks, Kim McCann! What I enjoy most is the good, honest communication, timely turnaround time, overwhelming willingness to provide help and suggestions, excellent final products. Working with Kim McCann and Kia is a very pleasant experience. I have never worked with a design group so responsive, professional, helpful and just plain nice.”Mary Jo, Saile & Saile, Attorneys At Law

Fantastic Partner, Secret Weapon, and a Big Part of our Success
“For years and years, Kia has been a fantastic partner, a secret weapon, and a big part of our success! Even though I am a digital marketer, our print newsletters continue to be one of our most successful marketing vehicles. Kia has been helping us create our newsletters from the beginning. Her insight and input keeps us on target and ensures our newsletter has personality and character. We love working with her and her team.” Tom Foster, Foster Web Marketing, CEO/Founder


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