“She Can Be Trusted” – Dan Kennedy

“As many people know, I am wary and critical of most graphic artists and designers let loose on or given control over the conversion of strong direct-response copy and advertising messages into marketing materials. Those who lack understanding of direct-response favor aesthetics over “salesmanship in print,’ and are therefore dangerous. Although a graphic artist by trade, Kia has made herself knowledgeable about direct marketing and about copy that sells, so she can be trusted. As a Certified Copywriter for Info-Marketers, she also understands the unique requirements of those businesses. I use Kia for some of my own projects, and refer clients to her.” Dan S. Kennedy – Author, No B.S. Guide to DIRECT Marketing for NON-Direct Marketing Businesses, 2nd Edition, and other business books (www.NoBSBooks.com). Consultant/Copywriter

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