“It ain’t braggin’ if you can back it up.” – Dizzy Dean


“She Can Be Trusted”
“As many people know, I am wary and critical of most artists and designers let loose on or given control over the conversion of strong direct-response copy and advertising messages into marketing materials. Those who lack understanding of direct-response favor aesthetics over “salesmanship in print,’ and are therefore dangerous. Although a designer by trade, Kia has made herself knowledgeable about direct marketing and about copy that sells, so she can be trusted. As a Certified Copywriter for Info-Marketers, she also understands the unique requirements of those businesses. I use Kia for some of my own projects, and refer clients to her.” Dan S. Kennedy – Author, No B.S. Guide to DIRECT Marketing for NON-Direct Marketing Businesses, 2nd Edition, and other business books (www.NoBSBooks.com). Consultant/Copywriter


“Consider Yourself Lucky If You Have The Chance To Work With Kia”
“For my wife’s campaign for Supreme Court Justice in New York, Kia designed six-page newsletters that were customized to appeal to voters on the extreme left and right of the political spectrum and the response was overwhelmingly positive. Kia’s sales letters captured the attention with bold images, strong headings and a layout that flowed nicely from each page. Kia’s design was a home run with voters in all parties and the results spoke volumes about her work: my wife was the first Republican elected in our 7-county region in 18 years! My wife’s win would not have been possible without the amazing work of Kia Arian! I will be forever grateful for Kia’s work. Consider yourself lucky if you have the chance to work with Kia.” John Fisher – Attorney of John H. Fisher, P.C.

“Received a Great Deal of Referrals Because of the Newsletter”
“We recently contacted the Zine group to redesign and relaunch our newsletter program. Kia and her team were extremely helpful and responsive. We sent them a few articles and a few images, and within three days, we received a newsletter with a layout and design that exceeded our expectations  We are extremely pleased with the response and feedback that we have received from our clients and other newsletter recipients, and best of all, we have received a great deal of referrals because of the newsletter.  Based upon the new business that the newsletters generate, they more than pay for themselves. If you don’t have a newsletter program, contact Zine and get one going. You won’t be sorry.” Ron Marks, Bulldog Bulletin Editor, Shor & Levin, P.C.


“Fantastic Partner, Secret Weapon, and a Big Part of our Success”
“For years and years, Kia has been a fantastic partner, a secret weapon, and a big part of our success! Even though I am a digital marketer, our print newsletters continue to be one of our most successful marketing vehicles. Kia has been helping us create our newsletters from the beginning. Her insight and input keeps us on target and ensures our newsletter has personality and character. We love working with her and her team.” Tom Foster, Foster Web Marketing, CEO/Founder


“Worth Her Weight in Gold”
“Kia’s Elite Client Program is a game changer. For the duration of our membership, I was the marketing director at my dad’s small personal injury law firm and Kia’s main contact person. Her weekly consulting helped us increase our rate of marketing execution for the law firm and its sophistication. Simultaneously, Kia provided invaluable marketing support during my dad’s political campaign, which I was coordinating. Within this same year, our number of target cases per month became so reliably high that my dad sold the law firm – another project to which Kia brought a great deal of value. Now, my dad has semi-retired with financial security and I’m using what I learned from Kia to start my own business. Neither of our situations would be as promising as they are today without Kia’s Elite Client membership. She’s worth her weight in gold, or more…”Catherine Crosbie – Marketing Director, Ches Crosbie Barristers


“A Master At Understanding The Customer Experience”
“Attorneys and small business owners who are constantly looking for a graphics designer who ‘gets it’ has come to the right place. Kia Arian is an incredible marketer who understands how to craft an ad, craft an engaging message and convey that in an inviting and compelling way. I recently asked her to design a small ad for a test run in a few local papers and not only was it done on time and to my specifications, but she also made suggestions and comments that improved the educational ad dramatically. Not only does she deliver on time but her work is fantastic. ”

“In case you didn’t know, she’s a master of understanding the customer experience. Don’t be surprised when she surprises you with something totally unexpected. A great experience and I will definitely use her for my next project. Highly recommend her services. When you call her to work on your graphics and print job, tell her you saw my review. It’ll make her smile.”Gerry Oginski – Attorney, The Law Office of Gerald M. Oginski LLC


“Kia is Very Familiar With GLM and the Direct Marketing Approach, Which Made Her Great to Work With”
We worked with Kia and her team on designing a VIP card and a direct mail sales piece to go along with it. We wanted to design and text to be in line with the GLM marketing style, so Kia was our go to person for this project. The thing I most enjoyed about working with Kia and her team was that they were organized, timely in their delivery, and always responded to questions quickly. Kia jumped on a call with me to get a good understanding of what we were trying to achieve and asked me questions that I would have never even thought of. She had wonderful suggestions about the marketing piece we put together that I know I would not have received from others. Kia is very familiar with GLM and the direct marketing approach, which made her great to work with!”

“Thank you to Kia and Kim for your work on this project. It was a pleasure to work with you and I look forward to working with you on future projects.” Dawn Husmoe – Marketing Director, Max Meyers Law, PLLC


Analyzed My Product and My Personality
“Kia Arian is one of the few direct response designers Dan Kennedy’s ever talked up. She does great work…wrote copy for a tagline by analyzing my product and personality. I was so impressed I’m going to be hiring her for many more if her busy schedule permits this year.”  Ben Settle – Author, Email Copywriter, and Coach,  BenSettle.com


“We Keep Making Money Using the Work She Creates For Us”
“Kia and her team at Zine Graphics are the only designers I’ve worked with who can not only take an idea and turn it into something amazing but actually make it better in the process. Most importantly, he marketing knowledge allows her to act as a consultant on projects. We keep going back to Kia/Zine because we keep making money using the work she creates for us. You can’t argue with great results.”Charley Mann – Chief Marketing Officer, Great Legal Marketing


“Kia Has Become The Go-To Designer For Those Who Have A Deep Understanding of “No. B.S. Marketing.””
“If you are in Dan Kennedy’s world you know how critical good copy is but you also know that poor presentation of good copy can be a killer. What good is it if your copy isn’t read? I’m one of Dan’s “lifers” and for years Kia has been my one and only graphic designer, turning my good copy into sales for both my law practice and my information marketing business. Kia has become the “go to” graphic designer for those who have a deep understanding of “No. B.S. Marketing.” If you are serious about getting your copy read, call her.”

“Kia Arian is my first choice for graphic design and local marketing ideas. She and her team are “rocket scientists” when it comes to marketing and advertising ideas. If you are looking for cheap, cheap, go to VistaPrint. If you are looking to get more customers, patients or clients, go to Kia!” Ben Glass – Author, Speaker, Marketing Consultant, and Founder of Ben Glass Law and Great Legal Marketing


“I Won’t Give Up My Relationship With Kia”
For me, the bottom line is this that I may move in and out of different marketing campaigns, different ideas, different projects.  However what I won’t do is give up my relationship with Kia and her design company.  For me Kia is simply like having another person in the office. Although we are thousands of miles apart from the East Coast to the Midwest, I literally feel like she is in an office right down the hall from me and can accomplish anything at any time when I need her and her team.  I can’t tell you how valuable she is to me I would highly, highly, highly recommend Kia and her team she is without a doubt the absolute best at what she does.”

“My book would never have happened without her amazing support. She is the best at what she does and more importantly she is an amazing person and friend. Thank you!” Stephen Hamilton – Attorney, Hamilton, Hull, & Rogers, LLC


“Your Shock and Awe Box”
“You are Santa delivering gifts making it Christmas in July. Thank you for the box of marketing items just received today. In building my business under Dan Kennedy, GKIC, and Kim Walsh Phillips, I feel I have finally found someone who ‘gets it’, has the marketing sophistication and knowledge I am looking for at a reasonable price and who can help take me to the next level.  I know ‘you get it’. Thank you for your box of goodies. It definitely sets you apart.!” Janet Rich Pittman, SCALA, CDP,, TheBrainNerd.com


“Delivered Tons of Clients”
“Kia and her team helped us create and implement a new book campaign. They ghost wrote the book for us and devised a strategy for getting it to prospects. They also designed print and online ads that have delivered tons of clients. We love Kia. She just “gets it”. She’s so easy to work with and creates solutions to your problems.”Catherine Crosbie, Marketing Director, Ches Crosbie Barristers


“I Imagine Something, They Find a Way To Make It Happen.”
“Over the years I have worked with many designers and marketing vendors and can say without a doubt that Kia is a 1 percenter! Zine Graphics consistently produces top notch designs and marketing material whether I am in need of a post card or to redo my free consumer guides. I think the best aspect of what Kia and Zine do is that they listen. Our redesigns of items are spot on, when I imagine something, they find a way to make it happen. Your in good hands with Zine!”Brian Mittman, The Disability Guys


“Your Work is Fantastic!”
“Your work is fantastic!  I can hardly wait to complete this project so we can envision another! Thank you so much for your guidance and assistance.”Kay Van Wey – Attorney, Van Wey Law


“They Provide Beautiful Products, And Are Able To Read Our Taste And Style Well”
“Every month you manage to get our newsletter out in a timely manner despite our lateness… thank you! Working with Kim and Kia has been awesome. They are creative, innovative, and breathe life into our newsletters and books. They are also very patient! The whole experience working with Zine Graphics and Print has been awesome. They provide beautiful products, and are able to read our taste and style well. Thank you for your continued support every month. You keep us on target and move things forward even if we’re holding up production.”Molly McCormick, Marketing Specialist, Foster Web Marketing


“Their Marketing And Graphic Expertise Has Helped To Increase Market Awareness”
“Kia has helped design many of our brochures. She has a keen eye to layout, and how to make the topic marketable to your audience. She helped to keep a cohesive balance between all of our literature and deliverables assisting successfully branding our company. We have worked with Kia and staff on many projects. Their marketing and graphic expertise has helped to increase market awareness and has elevated the quality of our deliverables. We can always count their work performance being on time and competitively priced. We look forward to a long and mutually rewarding work relationship.”Marilyn Jelinek – Marketing and Patient Education, H. Charles Jelinek, Jr., DDS


“Gets The Message Right Every Time And Our ROI Has Been Substantial”
“Originally we wanted to change the graphics and message in our print and online marketing. Kia and staff produced a look we would never have thought of and have helped us implement throughout. They make getting things done easy with expert advice and suggestions that have helped us create our message and be consistent in its implementation. Our clients love the graphics Zine has created–their work helps them to relax and be confident they are choosing a professional. Every time I call, we get a quick response and exactly what we need, even though I am often not sure what I want initially.”

“I’ve used other graphics companies in the past and have always been disappointed. Some of them have nice graphics but, never seem to understand the message. Kia gets the message right every time and our ROI has been substantial. I am an expert in remodeling not marketing and graphics. I have ideas of what I want. Kia listens, offers suggestions and then creates outstanding work that gets results. Hiring Zine Graphics is clearly the best use of my time and money. Thank you for helping us to make our business profitable.”Mike Mayhew – Beach House Miracles, Inc. www.BeachHouseMiracles.com


“She Often Has Unusual Angles”
“I have been working with Kia at Zine Graphics & Print for about 6 years now and figured I should finally give them credit for our marketing success. The first time we turned to them was for some unique business cards and they delivered. They created cards for our staff that really got attention. So naturally I turned to them with a larger project. I came to them to create graphics for our print media. Time and time again, Kia comes to us with fresh innovative design that really surprise me. I was timid at first with her suggestions as she often has unusual angles, but the responses we receive exceeded expectations each time. The latest project I had them do was a series of custom graphics for our website. This was complex as the graphics had to be designed from scratch, be relative to the topic of each page, and address our target audiences. This project was handled by Kia and Kim. Once again I was floored. Thank You Guys!!! The projects will keep coming.” Robert Gelles – Business Owner, NV Service Group


“Best Of Both Worlds”
“It seems like most graphic designers I meet are either good at design OR good at understanding business, but rarely both. I either get stuff that is pretty and not functional or functional and not pretty. Both are equally bad as far as I am concerned. Kia understands both. She knows business. She understands project management. She understands the big picture. She knows how to properly conduct marketing research. AND – I LOVE her designs. Every business owner should aspire to reach a place where they can afford to work with Kia as much as they can.”Tim VanDerKamp – Entrepreneur, Copywriter, Small Business Consultant, Motivational Speaker, Sales Trainer, The Crossroads Guide


“Keep Our Branding Fresh and Relevant”
Zine Graphics has supported our publication and printing needs since 2008, with attention to every detail! We rely greatly on the talented designers at Zine to keep our branding fresh and relevant. Zine is always exacting both with accuracy and timeliness. We couldn’t be happier with Zine’s service which is truly delivered “With a Smile!”Jennifer Disano, Executive Director of Osher Liflelong Institute at George Mason University


“I Admire Your Creativity”
“I’m Mike Saile’s assistant (Mary Jo) and am getting back to you with some revisions to the letter you designed for us. I cannot go any further without telling you how terrific the letter looks – the color(s), the easy-to-follow lay out, and the little notes in the “cursive” font! I so admire your creativity!”Mary Jo, Saile & Saile, Attorneys At Law


“A Terrific Asset”
“I worked with Kia on developing an ad with a very short deadline. Kia was a terrific asset in brainstorming ideas and providing the kind of input necessary to create an ad that was different from our competitors. Kia took what was a vague idea and turned in into a stunning ad that far exceeded my expectations. Thank you so much for your great work and I look forward to working with you again in the future.”Greg Jimeno, Jimeno & Gray, P.A., Glen Burnie, MD


“I Have Never Worked With A Design Group So Responsive, Professional, Helpful and Just Plain Nice”
“You help me every single month by laying out our newsletter – which doing without you would be a problem for me because I don’t have that artistic vision or skill. The first proof you send back always looks great! In addition, despite my best efforts, I always seem to catch a typo or two – OF MY OWN – when reviewing a proof you’ve created based on the content I provided. When I ask you to go in and correct my error(s), you do it for me without any hassle. Many Thanks, Kim McCann! What I enjoy most is the good, honest communication, timely turnaround time, overwhelming willingness to provide help and suggestions, excellent final products. Working with Kim McCann and Kia is a very pleasant experience. I have never worked with a design group so responsive, professional, helpful and just plain nice.”Mary Jo, Saile & Saile, Attorneys At Law


“She Knows What Attracts Customers”
“I’m impressed with Kia’s ability to help beyond just printing and graphic design, which she does extremely well. She knows what attracts customers so she can incorporate proven response-boosters into direct mail pieces and other materials. She also provides top-notch service.” Brian Brandenburg, Cartridge World


“Communicating With Kia Was So Easy”
“I love working with Kia! Not only did she get my project done on time and on budget, but she brought a tremendous amount of creativity to the table. We’ve never met in person and I’m pretty particular about the way things look so I was surprised that communicating with her was so easy. She totally “got” me. I’ve worked with a lot of artists and I know that that kind of talent and intuition is not easy to find. “ Julie Boswell, Marketing Strategist & Direct Response Copywriter


“I Expected Great Things”
“I had heard about Kia’s business from Ben Glass. He had great things to say about her, which influenced me in two ways: (1) I was already predisposed to expect great things from her and (2) I expected great things from her. That is, she had to meet very high expectations from the very beginning. And she did. I told her my ideas and goals; she sent me a design idea; I responded; she put it all together – and I had my stupendous bookmarks sooner than I expected. They fit my needs perfectly, and my clients have given me very positive remarks about them. I’ve even had clients ask for extras! Although this was a small job, there’s no doubt where I’ll go when I need my next marketing project done: straight to Kia and Brahm!” Sandra Rohrstaff, Weiner, Rohrstaff & Spivey


“This Was An Excellent Experience”
“I needed new business cards and had very specific goals-I wanted raised print on the card which seemed to be an obstacle for many companies I spoke to because they told me my logo had fine lines that could not be in raised print. I also wanted information on the opposite side of the card. Kia took hold of the project without any problem whatsoever. She had no problem executing the exact design I wanted, and had some helpful creative suggestions which I utilized. The cards are stunning and professional. Kia has a lovely and engaging personality and did what I wanted instead of trying to force upon me design concepts I did not want. This was an excellent experience and I will order other items from Zine Graphics.”Sandra Worthington, Worthington Law Group


“Trade Questions And Ideas Back And Forth”
“The staff at Speedy Printing has worked with us on catalog designs, brochures, business cards, and literary booklets, and we’ve been very pleased with the results.We especially enjoy the ability to trade questions and ideas back and forth until we’re pleased with the result. We have also been pleased with the very competitive pricing for our design and printing needs. Our overall experience has been very positive. We have received great reviews from our 850 members regarding the catalogs, brochures, business cards, and literary publications.”Osher Lifelong Learning Institute at GMU


“They Listen To Your Vision and Help You Create It”
“I have been a client of Kia Arian and Zine Graphics for some time now. My experience has always been a wonderful one. Kia and her team are very talented in designing the perfect look for whatever it is that you need. They listen to your vision and help you create it, stating within your budget. The finished product looks great and represents you and your company in a very professional way. It is always delivered in a timely manner as well. I would recommend Kia’s services without any reservation!” Myrna Grossman, For All Occasions, Fairfax, VA


“I Enjoy The Enthusiasm”
“After creating a number of Postcards regarding art receptions, general info cards , you suggested this year that we all should try 2010 calendars for our clients and colleagues may readily wish to keep in their wallets, purses or desks. This seems to be a success since they readily are picked up, more than the post cards. What I enjoyed the most is the casual conversations in which we learn more about each others lives and goals. I enjoy the enthusiasm with which you and your staff undertake your efforts for us.” Mark Isaacs, Fairfax Art League


“Extremely Pleased”
“We needed a new logo design for our firm. Kia and her team did a great job. They listened carefully to our requirements, were patient as the logo design developed and provided several alternative designs to choose from. We are extremely pleased with our new logo and feedback from our clients has been very positive. Business cards, letterhead and envelopes all look great. We enjoyed our entire experience working with Zine Graphics & Print. Their professional and friendly approach to our business needs was excellent. We look forward to doing more business in the future.” Thomas Dunleavy, Capital CFO Solutions, Fairfax, VA


“Personable and Helpful”
“We were late getting our Christmas newsletter out one year, and Kia did a fantastic job with the printing, suggestions, and timeliness. Our patients always look forward to our annual Christmas letter, and she helped us tremendously! Kia is very personable and helpful, and has helpful suggestions for each project.”Ellen Schack, Gentle Dental Care, Fairfax, Virginia


“You’re The Best”
“For the second time in two years I was starting up a new company and needed business cards and letterhead. I am not an artsy person and I needed help with the design and logo. Kia and Kim came up with several choices for me to choose from. I loved them all and am so pleased with the design I chose. I appreciated that several choices were presented to me. While my final choice was a traditional design for a business card, I liked seeing how they could design very contemporary cards and letterhead and maybe when it is time to reorder will go with something else. I liked how they listened to us about what we thought we wanted and then put it into the design. You are the best :)” Virginia Marksteiner, AP Tax Service, Fairfax, Virginia


“We Love the New Business Cards!”
“We were starting a new business and needed new business cards and letterhead. Kim gave us several beautiful designs to choose from. I liked both the professionalism and the promptness of your work. My general impression is that you do excellent work for a reasonable price. We love the new business cards!”Jeanne O’Mara, AP Tax Service, Fairfax, Virginia


“Quality and Attention To Your Project”
“Even though I have a corporate home office that assists with marketing materials, I needed a banner for a trade show customized for me at that show. Kia and Brahms were able to produce it for me quicker and for a better price than my own home office and in time. They are always so pleasant to work with. You can count on the quality and attention on your project.” Peter Himmelberger, Travel Cruise and Tour, Burke, Virginia


“Extensive Knowledge and Attention To Detail”
When I transitioned from a big law firm to my own solo practice, Zine Graphics was critical to getting my business started. Kia developed my logo, and quickly put together an integrated package of letterhead, business cards, and other business stationery that was both creative and professional. The result for my firm was a fresh business presentation that I could send to clients on day one.
In addition to providing terrific service and creative flair, the owners of Speedy Printing and Zine Graphics took a personal interest in my printing and design needs. Their extensive knowledge and attention to detail meant that I could focus my energy on building my law practice and serving my clients. When you hire Speedy Printing and Zine Graphics you have made an alliance with people who you can trust to give you the very best product and service available. Kia and her team started out as my printer and my graphics designer; they ended up becoming trusted friends.” Tom Wilson, The Law Offices of Thomas A. Wilson

“I Am Very Happy With Your Service”

“I needed business cards for my band, and I found you very nice to work with. You explained all, options, etc very clearly. I am very happy with your service! I also from time to time use your shipping services for my full time job and have been very happy with your level of service! Thank you! Keep up the good work!” Drew, Revolution Band


“Upbeat, Professional, Timely, and Accommodating”
“As a businessperson who works with many vendors and other professionals, I treasure those business partners who are a joy to work with. It is not often that you can say that you look forward to transacting business, but I do with Speedy Printing and Zine Graphics. They are always upbeat, professional, timely, and accommodating. Try their services and you will be treated well.” Douglas E. Courtney, VP Marketing Director, GHA Properties


“They Stand Behind Their Work”
“My experience with Speedy has been just wonderful. Not only are the owners Christians and very personable, but they do an outstanding job at a very reasonable cost, and they stand behind their work. We have used them as our printer almost since they opened for business, and don’t even consider going elsewhere for work within their niche.”Ken Smith, President, Christian Stewardship Ministries, Fairfax, VA


“Fantastic Partner”
“You are a great and fantastic partner that has been a big part of our success! We love working with you and your team.”Tom Foster, Foster Web Marketing


“A Great Experience”
“As a small business owner, it is often difficult to find great service and experience for a great price. Zine Graphics has made designing our company logo a great experience!” Dalia Khaled, Abe’s Transportation


“Exceptional Design”
“As a new business owner, advertising is a must for me. Kia, as a graphic designer, was able to design some exceptional postcards I’ve been using to market my business. As a full service printing service, Kia was also able to print the postcards for me, all within my short time line. I highly recommend Zine Graphic’s services!”Aaron Carlson, Agent, State Farm Insurance


“A Bonafide True Testimony”
“I am a certified rehabilitation counselor that has worked solely with disabled people since 1972. My practice for the past two decades has been as a testifying expert regarding the effect of disability on employment and earnings. In that role, I have testified in all kinds of civil courts thousands of times. That being said, know I have a fine eye for detail and must be assured of perfection in my work and work product. I was referred to Zine Graphics for redesign of my letterhead, business cards, envelopes, and assistance with website. I received caring, competent, and complete service done with the highest level of expertise. Kia’s understanding of my business as a niche specialty was uncanny. They went out of their way to continue to deliver superior service at a competitive cost. I would highly recommend them. These professionals have now become like family member to me. That is a nice feeling to have. I strongly recommend their service.” Richard Strauss, M.Ed, CRC, Vocational Rehabilitation Consultant


“Website Graphics”
“My website, which is essential to the success of my business, was only half finished. I brought it to Zine Graphics and they were able to successfully build on top of what I had. All the graphics were completed very quickly. All this was done with friendly customer service, flexible and convenient availability, and knowledgeable staff who helped me not only with the graphics and technical issues of my web site, but with my printing needs as well. I highly recommend Zine Graphics & Print for design and printing services.” Bob Gelles, NV Service Group


“Stand By Their Work”
“As a business owner and entrepreneur Zine Graphics & Print augment my marketing, graphic design, printing, and shipping “departments”. I have collaborated with them on great web design, graphic designs and marketing collateral. They are proud owners who stand by their professional work.”L.S. Beckett, Beckett Enterprises


“Designers AND Printers”
“Zine Graphics and Print was great for our business! Great quality, great service and a great price. Everything we needed, with the utmost professionalism and detail. We could have asked for better designers AND printers. Having save us both money and time, what more could we ask for? Thank you again for all your work!”Sogol, Sogol Decor


“Simply Put”
“Contact Kia. She is better than terrific.” Ben Glass, Ben Glass Law