The Top Ten Biggest Mistakes Small Business Owners Make In Their Marketing

We’ve worked with a lot of small business owners these past 10 years. We’ve seen the good, the great, and the not-so-great. For your benefit, here is a quick list of the top ten biggest mistakes we see them making. By the way, this isn’t limited for small business owners either. Big dumb companies make the same mistakes.

10. Not keeping a database of their current customers and clients.

9. Not marketing to their current customers and clients.

8. Treating marketing as an expense instead of an investment.

7. Copying what others are doing in their marketing.

6. Not copying what others are doing in their marketing.

5. Not having a monthly newsletter.

4. Competing on price.

3. Not having target market.

2. Not having a specialization or expertise.

and the number one mistake almost EVERY business owner I see does…..


drum roll…


keep scrolling…



Um, you have to get our book.

Sorry, don’t hate us, but the book gives more details about each mistake and how to AVOID them. PLUS, in the book I talk about the 11th mistake that you can be sure you’re guilty of!

You really need to get this the book.

I’ll even email it to you, but, as we say over and over again (and not because we’re printers though that does bias us), you really should get it in PRINT!

Despite all the eBooks, iPads, eThis and iThat, print is still in fashion and the preferred way to read stuff. It’s free for heaven’s sake. Just ask for it:


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