You need stuff printed

commodity [kuh-mod-i-tee] an article of trade or commerce, especially a product as distinguished from a service.

Do you remember the stock market crash of 2008? It plunged the country into a recession. We remember it well. We almost went bankrupt and closed the doors to our [then] print shop. For the next six months, we heard about many print shops going out of business, and even committing suicide (allegedly).

What the recession did was basically separate those businesses who were just riding the high economic wave from those who were running a stable business. We were somewhere in between, but quickly realized we need to make some drastic changes if we were to survive.

So what does this have to do with anything? You just need stuff printed…

Well, all this transformed the printing industry. In fact, printers were hit with a double whammy. Many independent, retail printers were forced to close their doors as businesses scaled back their expenses due to the recession. At the same time, email, e-files, and desktop publishing was gaining momentum. “Print is dead!” cried the digital maniacs! There were also the likes of Vistaprint and other mega online-only printers who capitalized on the shrinking costs of digital, on-demand printing and no-where-land facilities where rent was like $1/sq. ft and overhead was minimum.

Here is where we now stand with printing…

We love print. We firmly believe that print is NOT dead and though may not be as cool and trendy as email and other electronic wizardry, it is still the best way to get noticed, get read, and get responses when it comes to marketing. However, because of all the changes, printing has become a commodity. As the definition above says, it is distinguished from service. It is something people want at the cheapest price.

This is exactly why we had to move away from being just printers. There was no way we could compete with the online-mega printers. (You can get free business cards from Vistaprint!). And being a small business, we couldn’t really handle high-volume, low dollar projects without working 12 hours a day and going crazy.

So we decided to offer valuable services such as high-end design and marketing.

Today, we still offer printing…

But we’re very picky about our printing and only use the best equipment and best vendors.

We make double and triple sure that your print job is set up exactly right and you get the best possible result.

Our printing, however, is limited to commercial marketing materials. We no longer print personal projects (such as invitations or onesy-twosy prints). Nor do we offer low-quantity copy services. We don’t have a hundred varieties of paper stock and sizes, and we have minimums on print orders.

And here is another thing, if you’re price shopping, we’re probably not going to be the cheapest price.

But, we still do a lot of printing, and we do a excellent job at it. However, if you want cheap price, then you best work with online only vendors. 

If you want quality printing and a real person handling your project from start to finish, then we might be a good fit. 

Professional Design + Professional Printing = Stunning Results

Having your design firm handle your printing is a great convenience to our customers and clients (if you’ve ever tried to submit a print job to a printer, you know the hassle I’m talking about!). And, as I said above, the print jobs always come out exactly right and exactly beautiful. Many of our past clients still request we do their print-only jobs because they get consistent results. And they like dealing with a local printer, talking to real people, and getting genuine customer service.

So, if you fit that category and you’re not looking for the cheapest rock-bottom price, then shoot us an email with what you need printed. We’ll be happy to give you a quote. If we can’t help you, we’ll try to refer you to someone who can.


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